History of Weather Modification
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Author:  sozoone [ Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  History of Weather Modification

Here's a good article and website on the history of weather modification.[list=][/list] They have been at it for a long time it seems.

Author:  EB73D1AC [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: History of Weather Modification

Weird Exhaust smells on Maui...still !

For the last two months we, my husband & I have been smelling this Exhaust smell off and on.
Before we only smelled it at night starting around sunset off and on, now we are smelling it through out the day and night, We thought we were going nuts! First we checked ourselves, then all around the house, then around our neighborhood,, NOTHING !
The only other conclusion would be is that,
Our GOD DAM government is testing some weather controlling crap, seeding the clouds ( along with us) or Chem. Trails ( which does smell like carbon monoxide,) whatever the case, after reading 100's of blogs on other sites, ( in regards to the Islands and the weird Exhaust smells, people are starting to talk ) SOMEONE IS SPRAYING US!
I live in Lahaina and WE WANT IT TO STOP!!
It gives us headaches, body aches, hard to breath, coughing etc...
Yesterday , we purchased on line 2 Carbon Monoxide units, when they arrive we will let everyone know the readings, so far Ive heard of at least 100 people complaining on the island of this strange odor that seems to come and go, which makes us feel like we are NOT going crazy. (thank you internet) one med site... ... st_comment
This is a med site, I googled " weird exhaust like smells on Maui " and I got that site.
I find it strange, idiotic and quite insulting that these so called doctors are perscriping ulcer meds to antibiotics for what they call a illness for smelling carbon monoxide . 
One doctor said it was an allergy others said nose infection.... 
Did anyone ask them why our nose smells everything else normal? That was the first thing I did, an apple smells like an apple, our flowers smell normal to me , we even did mold testing , all normal. Their spraying something on the Island and the more we talk about it the better.
Anyone else smell weird odors off and on lately? 

Very Sincerely
Maui Islander

Think Well, Speak Well, Eat Well and you will be Well,
Keep taking your Potassium iodide, Holy Basil , and Niacin when needed.

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