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 Emergency drugs - no prescription. Disaster prepping. 
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Antibiotics. (NO prescription) Buy them on Ebay, in the PET supplies,, FISH TANK meds. (sold as "not for human consumption).
(these are typically from Taiwan, etc, from the big FISH FARMING suppliers).

SO,, if it's SAFE for the CATFISH & Tilapia farms, shrimp farms, etc,,and then to end up on YOUR dinner plate,, it is SAFE for human consumption,, (just NOT LEGAL to sell for human unless using a prescription for the BIG Pharma to make all their billions.)

Keep ALL antibiotics in your FREEZER to keep them FRESH for 10-30 years! (some meds, will become TOXIC in just 3 or 4 years at ROOM temperature.)

For disaster, emergencies, even our own FEMA suggests people should keep a 90 day supply of med & antibiotics for emergency use when NO doctors or hospitals can be found.

One of the best antibiotics, safe, and effective, is DOXYCYCLINE. Buy the 500 count bottle for just $60 from Asia. (Doxycycline, is effective for almost everything, and not as dangerous as most other meds. AND,, often prescribed as a ONE a DAY treatment.. but for worse infections,, they often prescribe 2 per day.)

WHY buy SOOoo much? Well, what if you get LYME disease, (it can take more than 2 years to cure the bad ones). How about, if you, or other family members, get sick MORE than once?

How about your neighbors, relatives, etc, just let them die because you were TOO cheap to spend an extra $20 or $30? (come on now,, you can spend $20 on PIZZA,,and it's gone in 20 minutes).
Skip that new necklace, shoes, or other toys. just once.

Oh,, and if YOU've got enough pills to save somebody's child,, how much will they pay for it? Barter items that can save a life,, is VERY valuable. But if you have enough,, only for your own family, then you'll have nothing to barter with.

What if, anthrax or plague happens? You'll need extra. What if somebody took one of your family hostage? What do you have for trade?
Gold, silver, or Geiger counters are not as valuable as a handful of antibiotics to a dieing man.

What if your chickens, pets, or other animals get sick (and if THEY die,, you'll starve to death?)

If you notice, most antibiotics are prescribed 4X per day (every 8 hours),, typically 1 gram per day,, or 2 grams per day for worse situations.

On Ebay (fish meds) you can find and LEGALLY buy antibiotics , (yes,, I've done this,,and they arrive from Asia,, in about 3-5 weeks).

The list is HUGE.

Pennicillin, Tetracycline, Minocycline, Ampicillin (fish-cin), Amoxicillin (fish-mox), Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Keflex (cephalexin), sulfa drugs / bactrim (sulfamethoxine), Azithromycin (Zithromax), clindamycin, etc etc etc.

At the local farm supply store, they sell Sulfa drug COW pills (same chemical as the People-drugs),, for just $2 each,, with enough drugs,, to treat 2 sick humans for about 12 or 14 days for each person!

Farm stores, also sell Tetracycline, one bag contains 10 grams for $10.
(10 grams of powder, is enough for ONE human for 10 days).
They also sell, OXYTETRACYCLINE (also known as TERRMYCIN),, I found the 100 gram bags, for about $15. Wow!! That's enough to treat 10 people for 10 days each. Or,, for worst infections,, will treat 5 people with double-doses.

This is sold in their "chicken department",,etc. :-)

At the FARMER's supply store (here in the USA), including "Tractor Supply", etc.. you can buy FARM supply HYPDODERMIC needles (all different sizes).
DE-WORMING medicine, (goats, pigs, cows, dogs, chickens, etc)

And one I really like, IVERMECTIN. Can be skin-ointment, or injection formula. Kills parasites, fleas, bed bugs, worms, etc.. keeps working for about 10-12 days. $20 will treat up to 5000 pounds of livestock. (can be deadly to SOME breeds of dogs,, they can be allergic to it).. but for THOSE dogs who are NOT sensitive or allergic,, it also kills "heartworm" infections !!!

It is used in MANY countries for HUMANS,, treats some nasty human problems.

When you are treated with "ivermectin",, it gets rid of internal parasites, AND,, any mosquito or bed bug that bites you will, it will DIE. Amazing. (but I don't think it will kill the malaria parasite bug.) (Malaria, is NOT a bacteria, it is a protozoa type parasite.) Anti-malarial drugs, are a different class.

During the USA Civil War,, (actually,,before & after), a LOT of people died from Malaria in the USA,, including up in Michigan, Ohio, New York, the Carolina states, all through the south, etc.
During a major national disaster,, it's possible for malaria to return.

Anti-viral drugs,, another class by itself. Considering a LOT of nasty things are "viral".. it would be good to have some of these. Bird Flu, SARS, etc.

Same is true for FARM meds,, NOT for sale for "Human consumption" (but it's safe for the pigs, cows, and chickens,, which ends up on YOUR dinner plate.)
So it's SAFE for consumption, just NOT LEGAL to sell as "human meds" without a prescription.

See the difference? It's all about making money for the big drug companies. Big difference between "not for sale" or "not SAFE". If it was not "safe",, then they would NOT be allowed to use it on the FARMS!!!

The bottom line, is you should find a way, to spend $100-$200 on your families emergency drug supplies, for family use,, or bartering power. FREEZE them.

Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:35 am

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Anti-FUNGAL (fungus infection) medicine also can be bought at the "fish / pets department" on Ebay.

Good to add some of THAT to your Freezer supplies too.
Non drug related? Vitamin D (is FAR more important than C or even more important than the calcium supplements.) During the Fall, WInter & spring months, everybody should be taking 5,000 i.u.'s of "D".
(Worried about all those who constantly warn about "D overdose"? Hahaha. Even the doctors will prescribe 200,000 i.u' per day for several weeks (to patients diagnosed with RICKETS). And for "D resistant RICKETS, they'll prescribe more than 300,000 per day for several weeks.

HINT= working outside,, gardening, roofing, farming, walking, sleeping, sun bathing, cutting grass, etc,, in just 20 minutes,, your body will absorb the sun's ultra-violet rays, and your skin will produce about 20,000 units in just 20 minutes.

So if 20k or 50k i.u.'s of vitamin D was toxic,, ALL of those people would be sick and dead. But instead,, they are the MOST healthy ones. It's the indoor office workers who are sick more often.

I actually got some "colloidal silver" and read how to make it,, (simple process.. three batteries 9vdc, in series,, attached to a silver bar (.999), in distilled water, then test with a TDS meter until you see the PPM's you desire. I've read some great things about all the bacteria it can kill, including ulcers, and many other infections, both internal and external.
When you make it at home,, you can make GALLONS for just a few bucks.

There is a whole world of growable things,, (some are not so legal), but may be important to have.
Turmeric (anti cancer properties), sugar beets (everybody likes sugar, or ferment them and make some fuel or drink), tobacco (legally you can grow about 130 plants/ one quarter acre, for personal use... but when there is no more law, it becomes valuable barter.), opium poppies (not legal, but hey, the U.S. Army is PROTECTING the Afghan poppy fields!!!) Marijuana? Not legal under federal law (yet). Ephedrine plant (stimulant), and So many herbs, etc.

Peanuts. I've read that the natural oil, UNprocessed, may prevent arthritis when you massage all your joints with it,, once or twice each week. Peanuts are good protein. But keep a scoped rifle handy,, as the wild pigs will come and dig up ALL your peanuts.

SUPER good NIGHT Time alarm-alert system to any movement =
Hook up a remote driveway alert sensor (Harbor Freight tools sells them for about $25).. so when anything comes into range,, a little beeper in the house will alert you to the night time visitors.
Be ready for wild animals,, 4 legs or 2 legs.

Worried that some "peeping tom" or other bad news snoopers may come sneaking around the corner of your window, door, etc? How about installing a board with a small row of some kind of barbed fishhooks... so when somebody lays up against the side or corner of your outside walls,,, they get STUCK there!!! They'll have to undress themselves and leave their jacket or coat hanging from the wall just to get away. Very embarrassing. (and if your motion detector beeper got you awake,, then you can be ready for them to "surprise you".)

Here's a clever, possibly illegal tip?
For your cabin, house, etc,, how about removing all the floor boards inside the front and back doors,, (you are not setting a trap.. you are fixing some rotten floor boards from water that leaked in from the door.)

And when you are HOME,, you just slide a big piece of heavy plywood over the big hole... and when you leave the house for several days,, or go to sleep at night,, if somebody comes crashing in thru the door,, they'll fall all the way down to the bottom of the basement. That will really surprise them,,eh?

It's very cheap security, let the bad guys deal with the GRAVITY of their criminal act.. and since it's NOT a "booby trap" (and you actually have a few "floor fixing supplies" handy).. you will have what the gov't often calls "Plausible deny-ability".

Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:09 am
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This is great info FL Panhandle. My dad refused to see a doc his entire life, I remember him just going to the vet... lol. The one thing I would caution is that there are a lot of fake medications that come out of China (well, any country now for that matter). So make sure you check the seller out!

Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:23 am
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I want to add to this list ionic silver, make your own or buy it at the local health food store.

I use/make the stuff myself, it is great & I give God the credit for it!

South Beloit, Illinois - GMC200 Outside on HEPA air purifier, ground level, facing West.

Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:35 am

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Ionic silver / colloidal silver, yes,, I'm keeping some of THAT stuff around. I've done some reading about how to use it, also for H. Pylori (stomach ulcers). Take on EMPTY stomach, every 6 hours, then about an hour after eating, take some yogurt / pro-biotics to replace the good bacteria that can be killed by ANYTHING that has "antibiotic action".

Never take milk products or aluminum products (TUMS?) with any of the "cycline" antibiotics. (the milk etc will cancel the good effects.) Do your HOMEWORK, it's YOUR body, YOUR life, so do your reading to know what the Hell you are doing. Drug interactions, contra-indications, amplifying effects, etc.
(we humans are known to be Lazy and Stupid,,and then we say "I didn't know this or that would happen like it did?") DOH!! OK, Homer Simpson,, be stupid, die quickly and let the rest of us take all your good stuff that you don't need anymore.

HOW to TEST if (imported OR domestic) antibiotics really have "antibiotic effects"? (not just some FAKE pills?

(also, since a LARGE part of USA prescription drugs are NOW MADE and imported FROM Chinese manufacturers under contract to U.S. companies !!!) American companies are SO greedy, they love to "outsource" everything to the China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc etc. They don't want to hire Americans to do the job.

This might be a good idea no matter WHERE you "think" your drugs were made.)

Mix up a batch of bread flower,, divide it into 2 parts,, (don't forget the YEAST),, mix it,,etc,,but into ONE of the batches.. (they can be SMALL).. put a little bit of your "antibiotic" into ONE of the batches.
Set both batches, (the testing batch & "the CONTROL" batch) on the counter,,and wait 30 minutes to check how they both RISE or don't rise.

The batch with the antibiotics,, should NOT be rising like the untreated batch. (Yeast is a living organism,, and if THIS test won't work for antibiotics,, perhaps YEASTS are a class that is not affected?),, I'm sure somebody has an easy idea of a simple kitchen test for antibiotic comparison.

I got this testing idea right off the top of my head. Anybody up to trying this tonight? Let us know how it works for your USA prescription pills or caps.. remove a little bit for using in the test, (unless you want to test a 150 pound batch of dough),, mix up the 2 batches,, and compare the results.

Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:32 pm
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