EDTA-Calcium = remove lead, mercury. reverse heart disease
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Author:  FL Panhandle [ Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  EDTA-Calcium = remove lead, mercury. reverse heart disease

Do some reading, you'll learn that the BIG medical community HATES "EDTA-calcium".. is because (using "chelation therapy"), it can (and has been verified) to reverse a LOT of heart disease.

But because it's over 100 years old,, they CANNOT put a PATENT on it and make billions of dollars.
In the USA, it is officially approved ONLY for treatment of lead/mercury poisoning. They've been safely using it for this,, more than 60 years.

IT's SO safe, it's also an approved FOOD additive. But for HUMAN use,, you gotta have the "Calcium" type,, is because it can remove SO much calcium from your "blood serum",,it can sometimes cause a "calcium-starvation heart attack".. (this never happens with the EDTA-calcium variety.)

You can take it internally too. (but for toxic metal & heart treatments, it's 6-12 times more effective to bypass the digestive tract.) Either intravenous (scary, possible blood infections),, best, easiest, safest way into the blood stream is "suppositories". YOu can make them at home (coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc.

I was reading a lot about it, and bought myself 1kg of it,, for less than $50. Popped it into the freezer to make sure it stays FRESH for 30 years.

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