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 My friend needs help 
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This is an email I received, can anyone help...
If you haven't gotten MeteoEarth as an android or ITunes app, I heartily recommend that you do, as it has 3D views of wind, jet stream, storm and many other patterns having to do with global circulation, which of course affects the dispersion of radioactivity. My son picked up on it as it is from Germany and was released there before it was available over here. They just recently came out with a tablet version that seems to work well on my device. It is really eye candy too for those really needing to pay attention to weather patterns.
As far as the 200 goes, I notice that using the USB provided by gq electronics prevents me from using the detector to detect gamma at all, though I can use the audio cable and there is some response. ZLM, or you perhaps, I recall said they were able to get much higher gamma readings on their computer, whereas I seem to top out at a little under 1300 consistently, no matter how I try to adjust the volume, sensitivity, height etc. Are there other adjustments I can make to get more out of the instrument's ability to discern gamma readings? Do you ever use, or know anyone who does, an alternative cable types or other tools that would let me put down the very nice USB cable and work with the gamma sensitivity at times? I have tried putting my counter out the window for hours at a time, well in a screened window, that is, and have had no spike at all in what I am reading compared to here inside. The beta particles are not supposed to be able to pass through the wall, so it leaves me with some question of the nature of what I am what exactly measuring inside. Especially so because my counter stays pretty low and stable even if the others around me get busy reacting to in creased activity. I know that many times an elevated reading indicate increased activity of many types, as they tend to travel together. But there are some particles that don't react as well to the instruments designed to react to cesium mainly. I would like to learn how to detect some of the others too. I am not going to obsess about it, but it does become pretty evident that my counter is not as reactive as it perhaps could be.
No biggy, but if you have wisdom you would not mind sharing about the capacity of the GMC 200 to deal with gamma properly I would love to listen.
Meanwhile, MeteoEarth is very neat.
Thanks for your endeavors.

Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:03 am
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I just looked on my phone at the app MeteoEarth mentioned above.

The app does not seem to have a free version so the only version is the pro costing $2.99 which is more than many other apps. Although the screen shots of the app look nice, I read reviews that caused me concern enough to not decide not to buy it. After all, there are many free apps that will do much of the same things but for free.

For example, the apps WeatherBug and Rainy Days I believe both together will do for free most or everything the app MeteoEarth does.

With regard to the GMC-200 and gamma readings through the USB cable, I tested mine on the computer while I used a timer and I counted the LED detections. They seemed to be in the same range so I did not notice the problem mentioned with gamma not being detected through the USB cable.

I will admit that when compared to my InspectorEXP pancake unit, the detection was much lower on the GMC-200. Of course it is not fair to compare these two geiger counters as apples to apples because they use different GM tubes with different sensitivity levels. The gamma only source recorded around 100 CPM with my InspectorEXP and around 40 CPM with the GMC-200. This is why it is so important to use the GMC-200 connected to NETC so these higher levels can be easily seen using the graph. Although I was disappointed to see how little the GMC-200 did rise when exposed to a gamma only source, I still believe the GMC-200 is a real deal for what it offers at the price range of below $100 when compared to the Inspector price tag of over $500. When you compare durability between the two units too, the GMC-200 wins hands down. This is very important if you plan on having the geiger counter outside for the best detections.

South Beloit, Illinois - GMC200 Outside on HEPA air purifier, ground level, facing West.

Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:39 am
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