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 Emailed Questions About NETC 
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Hi There,

I have an Inspector Alert and would be interested in more info. I am curious how your system compares to Radiation Network. Does your software graph? And do you know that the DQ meters show extremely high (10,000 CPM) numbers in places that the PRM 9000 and Inspectors show normal background? I do not believe the DQ is a legitimate meter, but rather a scam of sorts – because it is so flashy instead of reading a minor spike at 60 CPM it reads 10,000 CPM. It’s Geiger Mueller tube can not be high end with it’s price tag. I encourage you to only beam data from the high end meters with pancake Geiger Mueller tubes, or allow viewers to distinguish between the various meters, because there are some meters that are *very good* and very sensitive, and some are essentially bogus, and I would place the GQ in that category.

Thank you

Radiation Network is a group of private monitoring sites that have many
different Geiger counters in various environments, so comparing one site
to another is impossible and using absolute values of different types of
Geiger counters are only good for that one site. maintains a database of over 2900+ sites in US and Japan with
charts and graphs. uses relative comparisons of each site to its
past historical data. can track the changes to radiation
patterns by knowing the past data of each site.

We have EPA sites in the US but sometimes the government fails us in
emergencies, so we need the help of private monitoring sites. Radiation
Network and Blackcatsystem refused to work together with us to provide
better information to the public. They have their reasons, so
has developed software to connect many Geiger counters to our
system for FREE.

You can see your chart information from our web-based server on any
computer. Radiation Network and Blackcatsystems requires you to login to
the computer that the Geiger counter is connected to, to view your data.
So if your monitoring site computer dies with memory errors, your data is
lost forever on their systems. charges $19.95 a year to pay for the server that lets
clients view all the charts from every monitoring site and maintains the
history of each site on server. has developed a stand alone computer called the Raspberry PI and
it will connect directly to your Geiger counter if it uses USB port. With
GMC-200, our software call PI4NETC and the Raspberry PI, you can put this
system outside or in a greenhouse with temperatures of over 100 degrees.
We have tested this unit using a GMC-200 for over two months.

I hope this answers your questions, and I will post it on our Forum.

Sun May 05, 2013 9:58 pm
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I own an InspectorEXP (offline for field testing), Mazur PRM 9000 (currently on Radiation Network) and a Black Cat GM-45 (connected to which are all three geiger pancake units. I also currently own 4 of the GQ GMC-200 geiger counters (on currently) and one of the GQ GMC-300 geiger counter units which I use in the car and at work daily. I just recently ordered two more of the GQ GMC-200 units.

While all three of the pancake geiger counter units I own (listed above) are more sensitive than the GQ GMC-200 or GQ GMC-300 unit, they are less durable and much more expensive too. I have dropped my GQ GMC-300 unit 3x (once on concrete) and it still works fine. When a GMC-200 is connected to the FREE software, small changes in radiation levels are noticed.

Some might find it alarming to know that any brand of pancake geiger counter only has a 90-day warranty on the GM pancake tube. The rest of the geiger counter might have a longer warranty, but the GM pancake tube only has 90-days. For those that don't know, these pancake units start at $400 and go up in price. You can own a GQ GMC-200 unit for less than $100, hook it up to using their FREE software and watch your real-time radiation readings and graphs remotely using an internet browser. I use my android and Firefox for the browser. If you have hundreds of dollars to spend and don't mind the risk of wasted money should the pancake unit just quit working, just buy a pancake unit. Thankfully my pancake units have not yet broke yet. If you want an under $100 geiger counter unit to detect changes in background radiation levels and do it remotely, buy the GQ GMC-200 and connect it to using their FREE software like I have done with friends and family in New Mexico, Belvidere Illinois and near the Byron Nuclear Plant in Illinois. Information from my site near Byron can be seen here:

My first geiger counter to share readings over the internet was my Black Cat Systems GM-45 for $400 which I now have connected for FREE on network. My second geiger counter was my InspectorEXP for over $700 and then I bought software to use it on Radiation Network from my house. I then later bought my Mazur PRM 9000 and purchased a second copy of Radiation Network software to use as a mobile unit. Then I was introduced to NETC by a previous member of Radiation Network who with the help of his programmer, created from scratch. I was then asked to contribute my ideas that as a user, I would like to have. Many of those ideas have now been added to help make as useful as it is currently today.

Overall I prefer for features & price.

South Beloit, Illinois - GMC200 Outside on HEPA air purifier, ground level, facing West.

Tue May 07, 2013 10:51 am
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