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 WIPP has been release radiation before FEB 12, 2014 
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Location: Arkansas saves all the gamma radiation for all 9 ranges that the EPA collects and it clearly shows that the radiation on Nov 23, 2013 was higher than in Feb 12, 2014 at the Carlsbad, NM station. After checking the history, on Jan 8, 2013, the radiation was the highest for Carlsbad in range 2, 3. I believe that if the accident did not occur, the newspapers would have not pick up this story. There are many other types of radiation than Caesium-137, which most Geiger counter dose rate is set for. Here is a small chart of other gamma radiation, half-life and energy level.

Isotope Activity Half-life Energies (keV)
Barium-133 9694 TBq/kg (262 Ci/g) 10.7 years 81.0, 356.0
Cadmium-109 96200 TBq/kg (2600 Ci/g) 453 days 88.0
Cobalt-57 312280 TBq/kg (8440 Ci/g) 270 days 122.1
Cobalt-60 40700 TBq/kg (1100 Ci/g) 5.27 years 1173.2, 1332.5
Europium-152 6660 TBq/kg (180 Ci/g) 13.5 years 121.8, 344.3, 1408.0
Manganese-54 287120 TBq/kg (7760 Ci/g) 312 days 834.8
Sodium-22 237540 Tbq/kg (6240 Ci/g) 2.6 years 511.0, 1274.5
Zinc-65 304510 TBq/kg (8230 Ci/g) 244 days 511.0, 1115.5
Technetium-99m 1.95×104 TBq/g (5.27 × 107 Ci/g) 6 hours 140

Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:03 pm

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Tnx hey.

It's among the many things I attempt to learn about.

Dana constantly expounds upon 'daughters'...
Quite some time ago I was impressed with William Milberry's presentation on testing food with a geiger counter.
And Marco Kaltofen has done a superlative job of explaining what he does in his laboratory.

Perhaps Anti-proton Tom is my favorite, as he learns and progresses to gamma spectrometry.

As you have described above, the affordable survey meters we may use are optimized at an energy level, and may, or may not even detect alpha and betas... which are significant risk.

Once again, gubment has failed to secure our best interests. They are the only entity which can fund comprehensive testing, dissemination of information, and intelligent awareness.

Independent efforts such as you have developed are a wonderful clue for those who are interested in what could possibly be going on around them.

Sadly, I do fear as canabidguy pretty much said, once a correlation has been made to the environmental effect, all we are doing is running a body count.

Perhaps the clay, zeolite, turmeric, peach pit folks will one day achieve universal remedy for Pandora's Box???


Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:05 pm
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