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 Cut my energy footprint by 25% 

Yes, I will try to cut my energy by 25% 73%  73%  [ 8 ]
Yes, I will try to cut my energy by 10% 18%  18%  [ 2 ]
Yes, I will try to cut my energy by 1% 9%  9%  [ 1 ]
No, I need to use all the energy I can. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
I do not believe in Climate Change. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
I do not care about future generations. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
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 Cut my energy footprint by 25% 
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Can we the people of the Planet Earth work together and cut our energy consumption by 25% ?

1. Look at your electric bill and see if you can cut the usage by 25%
2. Look at your gas bill and see if you can cut the usage by 25%
3. Try carpooling one day a week - that is a 20% drop
4. Chicken, instead of beef - food choices help
5. Take a walk instead of a ride in a car.
6. Recycle
7. Plant a garden, even it is only on you patio.
8. Think about solar or wind power.
9. A small car is a great idea.

There are many other ways to save our planet, please help

Tue May 06, 2014 8:34 pm

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1. Look at your electric bill and see if you can cut the usage by 25%
xxx Small household. I doubt we could reduce by 25%. It's less than a buck a day now. Not much other than LEDs, squiggly light bulbs, and green electronic boxes. We keep the fridge loaded with water jugs when it gets empty, bake bread and prepare other food on electric range.
2. Look at your gas bill and see if you can cut the usage by 25%.
xxx That would affect hygiene. Shower a day is wisdom. :shock:
3. Try carpooling one day a week - that is a 20% drop.
xxx I use a moped or MAB.
4. Chicken, instead of beef - food choices help
xxx Gosh! Pls make sure it's organic and not GMO!
5. Take a walk instead of a ride in a car.
xxx Yes, we do, and also ride bicycles.
6. Recycle
xxx EVERYTHING! Periodic eviction notices because of it!
7. Plant a garden, even it is only on you patio.
xxx Yes! But we have drought conditions here. They threaten fines.
8. Think about solar or wind power.
xxx I once built a Savonius & battery tech still too expensive.
9. A small car is a great idea.
xxx Yes! They are fun, too! Diesel Rabbit was very good, then I needed to work with tools and materials. Bought 6cyl truck.

Yes, I understand we've been living the good life.
Yet we are on our way out the door, so to speak.
When China and India come closer to their potential it will be a whole new scenario!

People like algore will always fly to get his medal and green guy Travolta will take his plane for a jaunt across the pond.

Jeff Rubin has said that soon, our world will get a whole lot smaller. I'm sure he's right.
In many ways, Kunstler may be correct.


Tue May 06, 2014 11:55 pm
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I can not vote because my answer is not an option.

While I do not believe fully in the doomsday position of climate change as the global corporate elites want me to believe, I do feel reducing my electricity usage is important. This is something I have already done & spoken about in previous threads. For example LED lights and kerosene heater.

South Beloit, Illinois - GMC200 Outside on HEPA air purifier, ground level, facing West.

Wed May 07, 2014 8:23 am

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Me too. I cant vote because there is no appropriate option for me to choose.
I'm already doing all I can....

My Station Location :,147.07710599999996 - Tasmania, Australia.

Wed May 07, 2014 8:10 pm

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Been doing MY part. Got rid of the existing central "heat pump" system (SEER 10, 36k BTU) and replaced it with a "Ductless / mini split" system (put ''air handlers'' on the wall), it saves all the lost efficiency that is normally LOST in all the ducts (elbows, leaks, etc). Those "duct losses" can be as high as 30%
So, when you go "ductless", you can DOWNSIZE your system from 20-30% and NOT have to work the system any harder, in fact, you really DO save 20-30% because of the downsizing AND your bills for heating and cooling will be downsized the same amount that you reduced the BTU capacity of your system.

I downsized exactly 33% (down to 24k BTU from the original 36k BTU).
AND, because I spent a few hundred bucks MORE than the lowest legal efficiency (13 SEER),, I bought the HIGHER efficiency unit (20 SEER), (and don't forget my ORINGAL system was only (10 SEER),,, I "doubled" my original effeciency (which CUTS my electric consumption by exactly 50%) AND,, AND,, AND,, the fact that I was able to DOWNSIZE by 1/3,, cut my useage MORE than 50%.

These new "ductless" heatpumps.. can be used in COLD climates (mine will work all the way down to -8F or -10F, (NEGATIVE 8F or -10F).
These super efficient units, have "inverter start",, (very soft start),, NO big surges. These are very easy duty systems and don't require 400% or 1000% oversized generators to run during a power outage. My system, at FULL power, uses only 2100 watts of power, and I can operate it on a generator as small as about 2.5kw or 3kw.
With my orignal 3 ton unit (SEER 10), it needed 6kw AFTER the surge-starting was finished,, SO, I would have needed a minimum of 10kw generator (and that might not have been big enough), I probably would have needed 15kw to operate the OLD system without stressing the compressor motor at startup.

I also replaced EVERY light in the house with HIGH efficiency "CF" bulbs. The only thing that is MORE efficient,, is the LED bulbs (LED's would use about 5% to 7% LESS energy than the CF's that I installed, but cost me more than 300% higher price to buy the LED's.)

My "manufactured home" uses propane cook stove, but all other things are electric. I installed a TANKLESS hot water heater. (no wasted power to keep 40 or 50 gallons of hot water while I'm sleeping.)

In the winter, I install plastic sheeting around my screened porch, it helps.
My utility bills, dropped by more than 60% with these upgrades.

Next step is a 100% OFF grid solar system & SOLAR hot water heater. I got the 50 Gallon, stainless water heater system from Ebay (from a USA dealer), for less than $1,400.
Big enough for a family of 4. Rated for use,, all the way to the southern border of Canada!
Yes, it has an automatic, electric, backup heater, to prevent it from freezing during long, dark nights if the tank gets too cold.

When you consider that a NEW, gas or electric, 40 gallon water heater costs about $400-600,, and is NOT stainless,, you're LUCKY if they give you a 5 or 7 year warranty. But 50 gallon STAINLESS tank system (and vacuum tube collector), will still be running long after I am old and dead.

I could NOT justify spending a SINGLE dollar on another gas or electric water heater for the rest of my life.

Thu May 08, 2014 10:24 am

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P.S. Today's heatpumps (like mine),, do NOT go into "heat strip / resistance heating" mode until the outside air temperature gets LOWER than about "-10F" !!!
All the standard Central Air (with heating),, those are NOT "heat pump mode".. those are "space heater toaster wires" and are NOT efficient.

Today's super efficient heat pumps (including MY ductless unit).. do NOT switch on the "heat strips" until it's COLDER than "-10F"... at THAT point.. is when the heat-strips turn on and your consumption goes thru the roof as with ANY standard "electric space heater".

HINT= electric space heaters, toasters, heat strips, etc, give you about 2,500 BTU's per 1kw of consumption, ( but a heatpump (SEER 20), will give you about 8,000 to 10,000 BTU's per 1kw of consumption. (at least that's what MY system is rated for.)

10AMPs (@120 VAC) = 1,200 WATTS. Most people pay about 15 cents / kw-hr. (I know that MY bills in Michigan & in Florida,, when you take the BOTTOM line of the bill, and divide it by the total Kw-Hrs.. it's 15c.
BLOW DRIERS use 1,500 watts on the HIGH setting. Kitchen toasters, are tyically rated at about 1,000 or even 1300 watts.

A 1000 watt microwave oven,, (those 1000 watts are ONLY for the cooking tube).. and all the rest of the circuits make those units consume a total that can be as high as 1200 or 1400 watts.

A 40" LCD (& LED) big screen TV.. takes only about 90-120 watts. A desktop (or tower) computer, running normally, can be adding $25-40 per month on your bills if you NEVER turn it off.
Many of today's modern, HIGH powered home computers, can eat a 1000 watts (15c per hour),, and there are 720 hours in the average month.

Many "Gamer video cards" are SO powerful, they sometimes need their OWN power supply because they need 300-600 watts to run the video card. Wow.

Buy a handy little device for measuring what your devices consume,, it's called a "Kill-O-Watt" meter. It is NOT a utility meter (but you can buy THOSE on Ebay, etc).

They cost about $25. Onine, or retail. I've also seen them at Harbor Freight Tools, Amazon, etc.
You plug it into the wall outlet,, and then plug your device into the receptacle on the unit and read the display. Use it on just about anything. (Hint for total idiots.. NOT for ARC welders, 240VAC items, big electric motors, etc).
I want to buy and install a utility meter on the output of my emergency generator,, so I can keep track of how power it gives me as I run it. You'd be amazed that 5 gallons of gas ($20), gives you only about 10-14 hours of runtime (at 50% rated output). What does THAT mean for a 5kw generator? It means you get 2,500 watts X 14 hours ($5.25 worth of electricity).

So,, if you like to spend $20 to get $5 worth of power,, then go ahead and try to live from the power of your own generator. (and remember, they are NOISY, and the engines typically blow up, wear out,, before you get 1000 hours of runtime. That would be about 6 weeks and then you'll need to rebuild the engine or buy a new one.)
THIS is the reason why I want to install SOLAR panel system (today's panels come with a 20yr warranty and they survive MUCH much longer than that.) There was a lot of bad panels sold in the 1970's, didn't hold up well, and THAT's how Grandpa got the idea that they aren't any good.

Thu May 08, 2014 2:17 pm
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@FL Panhandle - Thank you again for all your great information.

You mentioned above about microwave ovens. I used a cheap EMF detector to trace down high sources in my house and at work. I found it very interesting that all microwaves send off very high EMF even while off. More so when running but always large amounts while off too. It always seems to come from the area behind the keys, I assume there is a large transformer behind there. At the very least this can not be good for the utility bill or our health if near by. Since I discovered this, our family always makes sure to unplug the microwave after each use and of course we are also not near it while it runs.

I know, I know, there is nothing useful in the food for my body to use after I zap it. I never said I was perfect. ;)

South Beloit, Illinois - GMC200 Outside on HEPA air purifier, ground level, facing West.

Thu May 08, 2014 3:06 pm

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@KingCobra. I've got an EMF meter around here someplace, and because of your information, I'm going to find it and test my home for stray "EMF" energy.

I do remember that some smart electricians use these meters, to quickly locate GROUND wires / Neutral Wires that are wired wrong. (when they get crossed or wired in reverse, where some circuits are wired properly and other circuits are not, a lot of EMF gets created.) Including "open ground" etc.

Neutral & ground is VERY different after they go thru any GFCI breaker or outlet receptical. (and then we also have AFCI breakers.) You can use a neutral as a ground, etc,, until it goes thru the GFCI.

What's an AFCI? (arc fault circuit interrupter). Prevents house fires in bad wires. Everybody should have as many as possible. I've got a few circuits in my home, that are not wired 100% properly, and on those circuits, any AFCI trips all the time, won't hold. But on all the circuits that hold,, I installed AFCI's.

ALL grounding rods, must be "BONDED" (together with some H.D. conductor) or you'll end up creating "ground loops" and potentials for blowing up circuits during any "short circuit" or lightning event.
(every recording studio hates "ground loop hum". 60hz buzz in the equipment.)

In most electrical jurisdictions around the country,, the power company uses the earth to bring the grounding circuit back to the power station, but in some places, the codes require ALL grounding circuits to be a real wire on the poles. (this extra wire, totally eliminates "stray voltage". Farmers in those "extra wire" jurisdictions have NO problems with any stray voltages.)

In Detroit, (my old location), was a mounted police division, where a HORSE got electricuted by stray voltage (actually a leaky circuit underground) was either 240vac or higher. But when electric company investigators probed the area.. found nothing. A month later,, another horse got thrown into the air (like the first one), investigators came back, and found that the horse's hoofs/ legs were SO far apart,, that the metal shoed hoof in front to rear.. was the right distance to make the earth connections just right, and make a circuit. A broken or leaky cable was found in the underground electric tunnels.
That is another GOOD place for an EMF meter to do its job.

MY area in Florida, does NOT use the extra wire, stray voltage is possible. I'll take my EMF meter, and grounding rods, multi meter, etc, and try to FIND some stray voltage and TAP into it,, to see if I can grab some FREE electricity !!!! If they just let is "leak thru the earth", then they should not complain if I find it and use it for free.

Of course, I'm a big fan of solar.
Quick tip= a simple, home made HOT air (solar) collector, 4ft X 8ft, with bright sun, will produce about 6,000 BTU's continuously until the sun is gone. (6k BTU @ 100% duty cycle, is about the same total heating as a 18k BTU heater @ 33% duty cycle.)
I'll make a SOLAR oven for myself this summer,, it's one of my planned home projects for myself.

Lots of FREE, easy plans on line how to do it. You can actually make a solar oven for less than $5 of materials around the house and will be capable of getting up to about 300F. WOW!
I've even seen some SUPER simple plans for what they call "the PIZZA box oven".. but it's more of a "warmer" and not a high temperature oven.

Fri May 09, 2014 9:02 am
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