Protecting Corporations when Radiation Contaminates Food
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Author:  hey [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Protecting Corporations when Radiation Contaminates Food

Here is an email I received about Radiation contaminates in Food.
Harlan: Good talking to you today about radiation monitoring for Fairbanks. These sites show that government/UN view their mission as protection of corporate profits, more so than assuring public health, when push comes to shove.....

Note that ICRP policy advice is used by WHO (UN), IAEA (UN), NRC (US), FDA (US), and EPA (US) for policy regarding radiation-contaminated food:

Chapter 6, quote of interest: "There may be situations where a sustainable agricultural economy is not possible without placing contaminated food on the market. As such foods will be subject to market forces, this will necessitate an effective communication strategy to overcome the negative reactions from consumers outside the contaminated areas."

Scientific American: Current FDA standard for food contamination is 1,200 becquerels per kilogram for cesium isotopes: ... de-release

FDA's Derived Intervention Level for Imported Food after Chernobyl: 370 becquerels per kilogram for cesium isotopes - adopted as a significantly increased allowable dose in 1998, after the far more restrictive criteria from the 1960's: ... 094513.pdf

Quote of interest: "The 1982 FDA recommendations established two levels of Protective Action Guides (PAGs). PAGs were defined as “projected dose commitment values to individuals in the general population that warrant protective action following a release of radioactive material. The lower level, called the Preventive PAG, was a projected dose commitment of 5 mSv (0.5 rem) to the whole body, active bone marrow, or any other organ except the thyroid, or a projected dose commitment of 15 mSv (1.5 rem) to the thyroid."

Quote of interest: "... in a general population of 10,000 individuals, each receiving a committed effective dose equivalent of 5 mSv (0.5 rem), the number of cancer deaths over the lifetimes of the individuals could increase in theory by about 2 cancer deaths, that is from the normal number of 1900 to 1902."

1965 Staff Report of the Federal Radiation Council: ... t7_aa4.pdf

Recommended Protective Action Guide: "A mean dose of 5 rads in the first year to the bone marrow or whole body of individuals in the general population. As an operational technique it is assumed that the guide will be met effectively if the average dose to a suitable sample of the population is one-third the Protective Action Guide or approximately 3 rads for Category I (i.e., exposure via milk) and 2 rads for Category II (i.e., exposure via other foods)."

"In Alaska, although the amount of fallout deposited per unit area is about one-fifth as much as that deposited in the 30° - 40° latitude band, a combination of ecological conditions and specific dietary habits of some Eskimos and Indians causes higher cesium body burdens than are found in the conterminous United States. Average body burdens of cesium-137 in these inhabitants were about three times as high in 1964 as they were in 1962. The estimated whole body doses to these individuals in 1964 ranged from about one-fourth to one-half of the numerical value of the Radiation Protection Guide (RPG) for individuals in the general population."

"It is also recommended that surveillance and research programs examining the special ecological situations in the arctic region continue until future trends can be predicted with greater confidence."

thanks Ed.

Author:  KingCobra [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Protecting Corporations when Radiation Contaminates Food

Great information thanks. 8-)

I wish everyone who took the time to email you would take the time to register on the forum here and share in conversation about radiation.

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