Seafood? Just say NO!!!!!
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Author:  EB702D3F [ Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Seafood? Just say NO!!!!!

Can we possibly know where the fish/muscles/oysters/shrimp on our plate came from? Nope, "just say NO" and you'll be safer...'s a easy one to figure. Recon ya ate one of these?

How about eating foods contaminated with crazy amounts of radioactive poisons? Rice, Tuna, whatever... You probably ate it out of the pacific or the Atlantic or the China sea or from the northern or southern wherever?

And where did these things come from? That are now on your plate???

Who knows (I don't and neither do you)...

...You don't and can't, unless you raised it yourself, that's simple stuff.

So just "say no" especially when it comes to your kids!!!

It's plain crazy too take any chances with a child...

Their bodies are developing at an accelerated rate far beyond the adults that (supposedly) watch them!

Is it good?

...only if you (supposed) adults make it that way.

keepin it real is the job...

...this stuff makes people mad, but I simply don't care when it comes to a child, ANY CHILD!!!

I look forward too your comments...

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