new rad stuff Jun/Jul 2020
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Author:  RomeoOscarGulf57 [ Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  new rad stuff Jun/Jul 2020

OK, took over an hour to setup account. Jun 22, 2020 0330 CT my old detector went into 20+ mRads screaming mode for about 5 hours. 6 days later see reports of possible leak near the Baltics. Been 15-50 cpm since Kim supposedly destroyed his nuke test site maybe 3-4 yrs ago, that was 48 hour maxed meter event.

So, today 9 Jul 2020 about 0430, it starts screaming again, now 1415 or so and still getting high bursts of 30 mRads in between shirt quiet spells. Not finding any info on global news sites, but something is really spewing out the gamma.

Got a new GMC-320+ enroute, so can get it on the net for tracking. Couple more days maybe.

SURE would like any clues.. I'm a ham and usually on a 75m upper midwest net, lots of smart folks, but I'm like the only old fart with a counter, so no help.

If ur a ham and have EchoLink on a device, look up the W9VRC-R repeater and call me KD9EPX Roger 0500-2300 CT
Otherwise email Eagle River, WI

Author:  Bert490 [ Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new rad stuff Jun/Jul 2020

Hi ROG57,
Welcome to NETC. Thanks for sharing your readings, and I hope you get connected with your new counter. If your Imagesco counter is calibrated to Cs137, 20 mRads is about 24,000 CPM. That deserves checking againt all nearby data. The nearest government detectors (5: on NETC - Shawano, Mason City, Madison, Duluth) do not show anything unusual on June 22. They have not yet published data for today July 9. The 2 WI private stations (1: on NETC - South Beloit and St. Charles) have been down for a few months, so no data. Other monitoring sites, such as have nearby stations at Mineral Point and in Minnesota, also no large spikes today or June 22. Same on at their Wausau WI station (no graphs there, ugly to use). The Canadian site on at Thunder bay shows nothing big as well. From all this surrounding evidence, it appears there is nothing major going on, but it certainly could be a local event in Eagle River. The 2 things that could most likely cause readings that high would be a radiation therapy patient or a failing detector tube.

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