information is incorrect and hurts everyone
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Author:  hey [ Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  information is incorrect and hurts everyone

Sometimes people try to help get the word out about radiation but their information is incorrect and hurts everyone else that is trying to investigate this huge radiation problem. "REMEMBER IF IT ON THE INTERNET, IT MAY NOT BE TRUE" The following is the email message I received, minus names.

Mxx Axxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx, forget the levels it is all about the numbers after they raised our safety limits 27,000 times they are trying to lose everyone in the different levels... the numbers to watch for are .... 50 CPM and over is abnormal,, 100 CPM alert level,,, 300 CPM evacuation or hazmat,, CPM=counts per minute.... Now for the site to watch

Here is answer would be shutdown and sued if we made statements like that.

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center - is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private and EPA networks and creates a NORM background radiation level for each 3000+ stations everyday. When the current radiation exceeds over 2+ times the background radiation level, a RADCON-5 alert is set. This way we inform the public that there is an increase in radiation at the station. It is up to the public to take this information and try to find out where the radiation is coming from and what precautions they feel are needed.

Each station has different background radiation levels so when you say 50 CPM is abnormal - are you talking Beta or Gamma??? What station are you talking about?

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