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 Think Thorium is the answer? Watch this... 
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Here's a excerpt (you should watch the whole thing) about the Thorium answer to already poisonous nuke technology.

Don't get fooled, it's all the same thing!

HUGE greenhouse gas producing fuel processing required (to produce these poisons that will mame and eventually kill the whole world)! NOT clean or friendly or safe or productive, or profitable.

Unless you want a bomb, it's just crazy (1+1=9?), simply do the math.

And how do you think they power the processes for refinement? Coal or natural gas!!!! Or ANY electricity they can get from somewhere else, they don't even use a nuke plant (too undependable) to power their own refinement process!!!!

Most ALL nuclear power plants that exist today rely on power from coal or natural gas and/or hydro dams (brought in on electric lines from miles away) to control the reactors and control room(s)! What does that say.

This free public money pit needs too stop now!
Crap is crap!!!! Stop it now!!! Let's constipate (and give cancer to) this nuclear industry killer instead of our children.

Thorium is not green, not viable and not-likely - Oliver Tickell. ... 2012-.html

WE MUST USE CONSERVATION, THAT'S THE KEY! If every home in America had subsidized ($1.79) LED light bulbs instead of subsided nuclear power we would save more electricity than ALL the nuke plants in the WORLD produce!

That's REAL math...

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Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:12 pm

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This whole thorium thing is really ticking me off (ticks me off- takes on a whole new meaning when one has a geiger counter in the background. see how I did that?)
Some fools have been stalking me, in yt, just to try and tell me that THORIUM is the way to go. When i say, "no, and do you even know these things do NOT run off of thorium?", they get mad and begin the name-calling (they are not the first; won't be the last, as I have strong opinions and a big mouth.) These guys generally want to compare nuclear to fossil-fuels (ONLY).

Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:40 pm
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You can't teach a fool any tricks much less new ones.

I'm sorry that you are being troubled by others when you speak the truth.

The fact that you get such rash responses shows your'e on the right track.
The (nuke) industry relies on a incentive enrichment, processing and long term storage process! Where's that power coming from? Coal, nat. gas and hydro..

They can't even use nuclear power for these processes because the enrichment process is so dangerous that any interruption in power could cause a major disaster (anybody got a drop cord?)!

All it takes is one bad day to kill and sicken millions!
Here's one from a insider (and a very outspoken expert).
40 good years and one bad day!

So don't let em bother you, they simply haven't done their homework.

Thorium is simply another way to support this already broken (and killer) industry.
Next time someone says your wrong ask them to tell that to a child that's dying from leukemia!
Is it a cigar? Nope, is it a steak, nope, is it a nuclear plant within 100 miles of them? The stats say YES!
MANY studies show the results.

It's so bad that it's hard too even come up with a joke too end this one with...

But... OK I've got one...

Keep on keepin on...'s just my opinion (and many documented studies and experts too!).

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Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:58 pm
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