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Inactive EPA Stations

This is a list of inactive EPA stations that quit updating their radiation data. Please contact your state EPA government official or government group that is responsible for maintaining this vital radiation data. The more we hold them responsible for their duty, the better the public will be informed of the radiation threat to the US people.   

List of Inactive EPA stations: 12
(sorted by state)
  5:706    Little Rock, AR, US    Last CPM: 403    Last updated at: 2018-11-15 16:29:00  
  5:502    Indianapolis, IN, US    Last CPM: 127    Last updated at: 2018-11-14 16:24:00  
  5:504    Covington, KY, US    Last CPM: 198    Last updated at: 2018-11-06 03:33:00  
  5:213    Rochester, NY, US    Last CPM: 205    Last updated at: 2018-11-07 21:56:00  
  5:310    Pittsburgh, PA, US    Last CPM: 222    Last updated at: 2018-11-14 03:50:00  
  5:103    Providence, RI, US    Last CPM: 244    Last updated at: 2018-11-14 05:14:00  
  5:414    Memphis, TN, US    Last CPM: 252    Last updated at: 2018-11-01 02:14:00  
  5:703    Austin, TX, US    Last CPM: 146    Last updated at: 2018-11-16 00:19:00  
  5:636    Harlingen, TX, US    Last CPM: 209    Last updated at: 2018-11-08 14:02:00  
  5:631    Laredo, TX, US    Last CPM: 242    Last updated at: 2018-10-28 04:06:00  
  5:816    Saint George, UT, US    Last CPM: 335    Last updated at: 2018-08-06 20:44:00  
  5:802    Salt Lake City, UT, US    Last CPM: 270    Last updated at: 2018-11-11 04:18:00  

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