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N. O. R. M. has changed to RBL

RBL is Radiation Background Level. Just the name has changed, everything else on is the same.

NORM ( Natural Occurring Radioactive Material ) was misinterpreted by reporters and people viewing webpage. I had the choices between NORM and TENORM or just create my own acronym. I now see that NORM has confused many people, sorry bad choice on my part. The term TENORM ( Technologically-Enhanced, Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material ) is Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials that have been concentrated or exposed to the accessible environment as a result of human activities such as manufacturing, mineral extraction, or water processing. I hope this new change will help the public to understand radiation levels better.

100 REMs is not the same as 100 CPM, some private networks mix terms so they make it easy for you to understand the danger level.  That is wrong, so remember that CPMs is not the same as REMs.

NORM - Natural Occurring Radioactive Material - This word is the answer to any question about radiation.  If asked about radiation snow, its the NORM. If asked about cancer effects, its the NORM.  If asked about oil drilling levels, its the NORM.  The NORM was created to explain the radiation in the area where you live.

There are many questions about radiation and the causes / effects of exposure to radiation, but the one that is most often asked "What is the NORM level?"  The EPAs answer is "Health physicists generally agree on limiting a person's exposure beyond background radiation to about 100 mrem per year from all sources. Exceptions are occupational, medical or accidental exposures. (Medical X-rays generally deliver less than 10 mrem).  EPA and other regulatory agencies generally limit exposures from specific source to the public to levels well under 100 mrem. This is far below the exposure levels that cause acute health effects. The millirem (mrem) is a very small measurement of radiation. is an Early Warning Radiation Monitoring System that warns the public when the radiation is increasing it that area, and uses CPM ( counts per minute ) to get the TOTAL radioactive material that is detected at the Geiger counter.  

Each area is calculated to the alert level of concern/watch level of  radiation for that area, Radiation Alert Message (RAM) will be sent to our subscribers.  Radiation Alert Messages Help us get the word out.


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